This is Not a Health Crisis. This is a Political Crisis.

Freedom Alliance manifesto

Now is the time for honest conversation.

We are a one issue party. Freedom.

Without our Freedom we simply cannot plan our future.

Without unmasking our children, we cannot plan their education.

Without ensuring freedom of medical choice we cannot protect the health of our citizens.

Without redirecting our focus on other pressing issues, like the millions waiting for vital treatments and procedures not Covid related, we cannot reform the NHS and improve healthcare.

Without overspending on mass testing, we won’t have the funds to strengthen healthcare.

Without giving reassurance for small businesses and hospitality, we cannot repair and rebuild the economy.

Without freedom of movement we cannot grow and invest in our tourism sector.

Without preventing our government from shutting down our arts and culture sector during repeated lockdowns, we cannot discuss the revival of the arts.

Without ending mass testing and mandatory masks causing unmeasurable amounts of plastic pollution, we cannot protect our environment.

Without our communities we don’t have each other and mental health will continue to decline.

Without protecting both the physical AND mental health of our vulnerable, we risk a new crisis of ‘deaths from despair’.

Without promoting a positive message to our young people, we cannot give them hope for their future.

We at Freedom Alliance will inspire, empower and support our constituents to regain their individual human rights, remember their self worth and regain their full potential as useful, important members of their family, community and country.

Every issue faced by the UK and Wales is negatively affected by the loss of our freedoms and ongoing government lockdowns, restrictions and repeated mandates. Lockdowns and restrictions must end now to protect our future before it is too late.

Each Freedom Alliance candidate will concentrate on local issues at their discretion to support important and pressing concerns from their constituents.

Are you tired of all the political party pamphlets with their slick slogans and vague promises?

Are you desperate for truth and integrity from your leaders in the Senedd? We are too.

Our country is facing a crisis of trust across politics.

Lockdowns have plunged the UK into unimaginable debt, caused a national mental health crisis, devastated our children’s education and have been directly responsible for many avoidable deaths from cancer, heart conditions and suicide.

Everywhere we turn, people are feeling a sense of hopelessness and despair. We feel completely disconnected from government policy and decision making that directly impacts their day-to-day lives.

It’s time we said “enough is enough!”

It’s time for change.

We are the Freedom Alliance. We are not politicians with a “5 year plan” or vacuous slogans like “Moving Wales Forward”.

What we are is a fast growing grassroots organisation of ordinary, decent people just like you; parents, grandparents, students, health workers, teachers, civil servants, emergency service workers and business owners, who are deeply troubled by the unachievable manifesto pledges and empty promises of a ‘roadmap to recovery’ currently being peddled by other political parties.

Wales must be reformed so that we work for the people, by the people. Returned to a country where people matter more than our politicians and their politics.