Darryl Bickler

Darryl volunteered to stand for the Freedom Alliance Party because as a qualified solicitor he appreciates the urgency to resist the current raft of draconian measures ostensibly introduced in response to a public health matter.

Nowadays, even generally law abiding citizens could be subjected to arrest for even minor breaches of the rushed disproportionate legislation.

He has a proven track record in petitioning for civil liberties, especially regarding the protection of key rights within the criminal justice system and mental health institutions.

He was often invited as expert guest on programs such as ‘Kilroy’ and BBC News, as well as writing many opinion pieces and letters for journals and mainstream media publications.

These illiberal developments are a matter that rightly concerns us all. Rights are like insurance policies, you may never need them, but without them we are exposed and vulnerable – our citizenship and peace of mind is strongly influenced by the standards we legislate for.

Having witnessed the cruel treatment of a relative ‘for their own good’ in a care home over the last 15 months, Darryl is proactive in his determination that society will evolve to protect the human rights of every individual.

He is acutely aware of how the divisive fear of others is used as the justification for ever more draconian measures and curtailment of due process.

He aims ensure that we do not lose sight of our humanity, especially for those less fortunate due to circumstance, and for those who come into contact with the police, courts and penal system.