Jason Smith

Jason, 49, previously worked in corporate business for 25 years for a large multinational company, where he was the customer lead for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

For the last 11 years has run his own successful therapy business specialising in hypnotherapy, meridian therapy (EFT) and other holistic therapies. Recently expanding the business in to events where he runs holistic festivals and spiritual events around the country.

Jason has extensive experience campaigning for freedom, liberty, human rights, and animal rights for the last 15 years, being involved in many campaign groups and was previously a local spokesman for the civil liberties campaign group No2ID.

Jason brings extensive experience of many different roles, being a former local Councillor, a former NHS Governor and a former Director of a local charity.

Jason’s hobbies include holistic therapies, spirituality, weight training and fantasy football.

Jason currently lives in Yorkshire but is looking to relocate to Wales.

Jason says:

The consequences of the lockdown have destroyed people’s mental health, I have seen evidence of this with my therapy clients, and cases of suicide have gone up dramatically as have deaths of people who have been denied urgent NHS treatment and operations.

Running a small business I know the effect the lockdown has had on business, my events business has been decimated over the last year and might never recover.

I have always passionately believed in individual freedom and liberty and think this is the single most important issue of our time. It is important that we stand up for personal liberty and medical freedom now, and we must all unite to fight the governments’ draconian rules.

I see the Freedom Alliance as the only political party that have the strength and courage to challenge the government and am therefore delighted to stand for the Freedom Alliance and honoured to represent the good people of Wales.”