Mathew Ross-Francombe for Torfaen

I was born, raised and currently live in Torfaen. I have strong connections in the area and I desperately want what is best for my constituency.

Therefore, people should be encouraged to shield themselves if they are feeling unwell. However, healthy people should be treated as healthy people – free to make their own choices to open their  businesses and go where they please and see who they please. The concern about asymptomatic people spreading covid is a debunked myth, not supported by any scientific study.

Previously, politics was not my career choice. However, when engaging with the Freedom Alliance and noting that we shared the same views. This gave me a strong desire to join the team as it ensures to put the people of Torfaen first. I intend to help by using my knowledge, passion and drive to ensure Torfaen prospers again.

Freedom Alliance is against lockdowns and ensuring the freedom of choice is offered as it is a basic human right. I believe people should be given the choice if they want to isolate or freedom of choice to open their businesses.

This is especially, as a growing number of people in the area are losing their jobs and are struggling financially to support their families and homes, with irreparable outcomes. I support that people should have the choice if they want to visit their families, friends, go to the gym, sports club, shops or even a Public House. Unfortunately this is not the case, which is having a negative impact on people’s mental health.

Moreover, mental health issues are actually on the rise due to isolation and lack of access to public services. Though I want to ensure people have a safety network around them and no-one should be left alone indefinitely or for long periods.

Local people are losing their jobs, struggling to keep up with household bills and unable to make their homes financially secure. As a consequence more and more families are entering into poverty.

Furthermore, children are being locked away typically from their friends, sports clubs and their education has been seriously impacted this last year.

If, I am successful in winning this campaign, my first aim would be to give all businesses and organisations the option of opening as I believe every business is essential.

Also, I would like to offer regular meetings with business owners on how they could be supported to help them grow and potentially employ more people in the area.

Moreover, children are being affected negatively by the physiological effects of being isolated. Therefore, I intend to help with more support for children in the area.

Torfaen has been led by Labour for far too long and unfortunately that is no longer fit for purpose.

However, we at Freedom Alliance actively want to promote the change that is needed in Torfaen and will ensure that we are working with the people for the people.

If you’re against lockdowns, closures of public services and would like for the local economy to start growing again, plus support a team that is proactive in children’s mental health. Then please make a stand with us and vote for the Freedom Alliance in Torfaen.

All you need to do is vote for myself and I will do my very best to ensure Torfaen is a vibrant and prosperous area to be proud of.