Michell Murray for Dwyfor Meirionydd

A year ago everything was different, and now i look back i realise that a year can do a lot to a person. I am not a politician nor did i ever see myself standing as one. But the world in which we now live in is unrecognisable to me. And so i feel i must make my voice heard and make it count.

I have lived in our smallholding and worked on Pen Llyn now for 10 years my background has been in administration for law and the hospitality and tourism industry focusing on delivering excellent customer service. Previous to moving to the stunning pen Llyn I have lived in Northwich, Warrington and was born in Manchester.

I thrive from being around other people so when lockdown began last March I Found myself feeling isolated. Having had to close my little llyncoastal travel agent business it hit hard we had no income and i found myself looking for work elsewhere which is when i got lucky i had started some admin work for a local solicitor. So many other people were far less fortunate and it was easy to see those whom i knew in similar businesses struggle to keep themselves afloat. Many of them have not been entitled to government backed grants or loans and have used up what little savings they had to survive.

It was during this period that so many questions occurred to me regarding the governments handling of the covid 19 pandemic. Like why did we shut down the economy for a virus which we did not know anything about? and that has such a high survival rate ? None of these questions and there are many have been answered. Our present government ploughed on with what it seemed like to me restrictions and regulations which were crippling people’s lives, the economic, social, health and mental cost of the governments restrictions are enormous and we are only at the tip of the iceberg!

I myself am extremely concerned with the effects of the enforced lockdowns on every body’s health. Not to mention the very limited access the people of Dwyfor Meirionydd have had with their General Practitioners and local hospitals this past 13 months. A large number of the population in Gwynedd were left with virtually no access to health services. The knock on effect of this will be devastating for large numbers of people i am sure for many years to come. With the waiting lists for other operations not related to covid 19 growing by the day it is a huge consequence we must now deal with in a human and compassionate way.

With the vaccine passport in discussion I feel our governments are going too far to restrict our freedoms of choice and our basic human rights. I feel it only right to stand for the right to speak freely without censorship and the absolute right for every man woman and child to make their own free and non-coerced medical choices ultimately without discrimination.

Voting for me would ensure you have a compassionate, fair individual who work to make the voice of the people heard. After all we are the people (not politicians) for the people!