Michelle Valerio for Swansea West

I am a solicitor of many years and have lived and brought up my family in Swansea.

I made the decision to stand for Freedom Alliance out of my deep concern about the loss of our fundamental human rights, the destruction of our way of life, and the dehumanising methods that have been applied by government on an unimaginable scale.

One of my greatest concerns has been the coercive powers that the state has exercised over our personal lives introducing draconian measures without virtually any parliamentary involvement or an effective opposition.

Measures that were introduced at the start of the pandemic have been escalated and people have been effectively mandated in all aspects of their lives. The state has intruded on our personal liberties on an unprecedented scale and which has no basis in a democratic state.

The lockdown measures have induced panic and fear in people, at huge collateral damage to the economy, people’s lives and health. The rational to base public policy on such a premise has not been proved and there is no evidence that lockdowns work. What we do know is that they destroy lives.

I want to stop the insidious and forever escalating measures being imposed on us under the governments purported powers and the lack of transparency about application of particular measures such as vaccine passports or those that have been applied to children in respect of mask and testing when it suits government to leave others to do its work.

I am particularly concerned about elderly people which I am closely involved with in my work. The way our senior citizens are treated both at societal level and in terms of their care and living needs has been catastrophically magnified this last year; under government policies to discharge of elderly people into residential care without testing; the use of Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) without consultation and; the isolation of the elderly.

Our mission is to reinstate our personal liberties to make our own risk assessments as to how we live and have faith in human compassion and love. To ensure that lockdown is never again imposed and to take Wales forward for the people.