Miriam Finch

I believe the freedom to live our lives as we choose is the most precious and fundamental of all human rights, which is why I made the decision to stand as a Freedom Alliance candidate. I believe in the absolute rights of the people to make their own life choices and assess their own health risks. I do not believe the government has the right or the legitimacy to make these decisions on others’ behalf.

I am a tireless campaigner for medical freedom and human rights, and, in my work as a professional writer and consultant legal assistant, I help empower others to make their own free medical choices – such as whether or not to receive tests or vaccinations – without being disadvantaged or discriminated against in any way as a result of what they decide.

I believe in the principles of personal liberty and individual sovereignty, and in putting political power firmly back where it belongs – in the hands of the people.

Although I was born and raised in England, I spent many childhood summers in the village of Waunfawr, Gwynedd, with my Welsh grandmother, where I loved exploring the beautiful Welsh valleys and grew to greatly admire the proud independent spirit of the people. My family history in Wales stretches back many generations, with my great-grandfather, Jack Felix-Williams, having been a national bowls champion, whose record was only beaten in the last couple of years!

I would be thrilled to represent the people of North Wales as a pro-freedom candidate who will campaign vigorously for your rights, and your children’s rights, to live as human beings were meant to live – freely.