Neill Shah for Vale of Glamorgan

I am 56 years old and I have run a small business in Penarth with my wife for the last 20 years. Prior to this I grew up in London the son of an Indian doctor (my father) and a British nurse (my mother).

I went to Swansea University, graduating in 1987 with a degree in Environmental Biology. I then served as a lieutenant in the infantry for three years followed by a couple of years as a secondary school science teacher in London. Following that, I met my wife Joanne and relocated to Penarth where she grew up. We have two children both in full time education, a dog and a cat!

I have decided to stand for the Freedom Alliance for a very simple reason. Because I believe if you cause no harm, injury or loss to others, then you should be left alone by the state, to live as you wish.

With regards to covid-19, there has never been one single open and honest debate about the direction of travel the world has taken, not one, anywhere in the world. All the decisions are taken by “experts” behind closed doors, despite many tens of thousands of other “experts” arguing for opposite measures. Only government messages are broadcast and printed by the mainstream media, resulting in a compliant and frightened population willing and happy to accept massive erosions of their freedoms “to keep them safe”.

Every political party is unquestioning and accepting of the government and corporate messaging to the massive detriment of us all, but especially to our children, our elderly, our vulnerable people and our small to medium sized businesses.

I believe in live and let live. Freedom to live as you wish, causing harm to no-one. Wales, Scotland and London have a unique opportunity to send a message in these May elections. If you lend me your vote on Thursday May 6th, I will do my level best to fight back against the creeping police state that has evolved over the last year and bring those who have caused so much harm to justice.