Peter Jones

Peter lives and works in Ruthin.  He is now chairman of an SME he founded in 1998. He is a Chartered Civil Engineer with over 40 years experience in the design of construction of projects.

Peter has always been relatively neutral in political terms; favouring the social fairness promoted by the left; tempered by the small government ideals of the right.

However, he believes the incursions into basic freedoms, imposed by government (and supported by all parties) over the past 12 months, has had a damaging effect on the well-being of many people and particularly our future generations.

This has motivated him to join the Freedom Alliance in making a stand against further lockdowns.

He is not a career politician but believes his many years’ experience running a successful business, has taught him one simple rule: first understand the issues; and then focus on outcomes.

Peter believes freedom is a right and not a government-granted privilege.

Society needs some guidelines to avoid anarchy, but there needs to be less talk and more action if we are to solve the needless problems that have arisen in a wealthy country.

We need to work together to:

• plan a promising future for our young people, children and grandchildren

• spend money on health care (instead of expensive, knowingly flawed testing)

• rediscover community spirit and not abdicate our care for others

• protect the vulnerable from harm and despair

• give reassurance to small businesses that they are essential (not optional)

• encourage tourism which benefits local communities (not destroys them)

• support IT improvements but not to the extent that it replaces human interaction

• recognise libraries, arts and culture as being of fundamental importance

• allow freedom of movement and not restrict it to the select few

• treasure our environment and treat it with respect