Sonya Cary for Newport East

I was born and raised in Newport – my Welsh roots were entrenched in family values, loving thy neighbour and knowing the true value of friendships.

Today, I live on the Welsh Boarders and my basic values still remain. I am a humanitarian at heart; seeking to be of service to all others; upholding neutrality; Impartiality and supporting personal independence.

I am the standing candidate for Freedom Alliance: Newport-East. A campaigning political party that is committed to the principles of personal liberty, sovereignty, and retaining basic human rights. We reject all forms of governmental restrictions and curtailments on free people.

We believe the only instance in which state authorities should have the right to dictate or restrict an individual’s movements is when that individual has been found guilty of a criminal offence in a court of law.

In all other instances, we believe in the absolute right of the people to:

• Leave home whenever they choose
• Make a living and operate business premises
• Freely associate, assemble and peacefully protest
• Speak freely without censorship or penalty
• Make individual and non-coerced medical choices.

Our primary objective is to install candidates at both local council and parliamentary levels, so that ‘we’ can challenge and oppose the restrictions commonly referred to as “lockdown’

Freedom Alliance strongly believes ‘each’ and every one of us has the right to choose how we live and how we choose to lead our lives (upholding to all statutory civil laws) and be free to voice our opinions without censorship or to peacefully protest or demonstrate our personal choices / freedoms that are unfairly restricted!

As your Freedom Alliance candidate, I stand in accord with the many thousands of people in Newport-East (and far beyond), who reject the draconian measures that have been enforced upon us – taking away our personal choices of freedom and free will.

As individuals, the negative impact on us all are immeasurable and far-reaching. Government has to be called to account and answer to why the continuation of unfair measures after the 1st Lockdown continues to become the ‘norm’!

As restrictions are currently being lifted, we begin to witness how draconian measures, which affect our personal choices become a mandatory obligation. Plans for a domestic vaccine passport to travel, go to the pub or event or even to go to the hairdresser is ‘discriminatory’. Our civil liberties and freedom of choice is being eradicated – and we need to ‘Stand Up’ to protect our Human Rights.