Steve Marsh for Newport West

I have lived in Wales all of my life. I’m from a small family and have 3 children and 4 grandchildren to which I’m very proud of. I trained as an engineer in my younger days and successfully started my own family business in 1996.

I made a choice to stand for the Freedom Alliance Wales candidacy as I clearly disagree with the current political parties who have taken away our liberties and choices in life, the ultimate precious gift that each and every living person was born with.

Sadly, people are not allowed to open their doors of their business to enable them to provide for the loved ones and families, children being made to wear a mask when they go to school, family and friends not allowed to be together to celebrate an occasion or to say a final goodbye to their loved ones on their passing.

If we continue with the current political climate, I ask myself when is this all going to end….. we started with a 3 week lockdown to flatten the curve, here we are 12 months on, nothing has changed even with the introduction of vaccines and talk of further lockdowns.

I believe its everyone’s right to make their own choices on health and medication after all its your body. So, if like myself you want to regain your right to freedom vote for the Freedom Alliance Wales and let’s regain our birth right to be free

Let’s stop focusing on death and separation but life, love and harmony.