Steve Phillips for the Rhondda

I am a former international and semi-professional rugby player, a loyal husband, a devoted father and an honest businessperson.

For over a year now I have sat and watched our freedoms get taken away from us. I found it incredibly annoying and wasn’t sure what I could do about it. As soon as I came into contact with the freedom alliance everything changed for the better.

Finally a large group of people of like mind that can see through this nonsense, more importantly a movement that can gain seats in the Senedd and have a say for the people. I believe that we have a massive opportunity here in Wales to take our country back from these draconian measures and corrupt politicians.

I have to look my children in the eye when they grow up and tell them what I was doing at this pivotal time in history, I want to be able to stand tall and tell them that I fought and helped to regain the freedoms that were being taken away from them.

Its time we stand up, enough is enough.

If I win my seat I plan on challenging these measures and bringing common sense back to the table, making decisions based on true statistics and most importantly helping people move forward from this horrific time we have had.

We are not career politicians; we are real people just like you with regular jobs.

Its time for change, its time to get our freedoms back!

Thanks for your support!