Zoe Fry

I would like to introduce myself firstly as a mother of four with strong family values. I am regarded as a bubbly, out-going person that has always been available to help those in need.

I have 12 years experience as a Reiki – Seichem Practitioner and I have had the privilege of helping many people find their path to inner healing with love and gratitude.

The past twenty years I have been a large part of my local community within Bridgend. This has given me more of an understanding of people’s vulnerabilities and needs.

I believe the changes that are needed in our communities can and will be achieved. Through my own personal experience of having disabilities I have the knowledge needed to support and speak for those who can’t, like the vulnerable, disabled and our children.

I understand people’s needs from a ground level up. My grown children were Young Carers which has giving me important insight, knowledge and understanding of how these young vulnerable children and young adults have suffered with the rise of mental health and other issues affecting their well-being.

I am here to stand for you, the people and bring back a shining light to the communities of Bridgend and surrounding areas which is so desperately need.